Who I Am

My name is Pam Salvadore, and I am a freelance writer who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am a graduate of Arizona State University, where I received my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. Prior to my time at ASU, I enjoyed a successful career as an advertising sales executive, working in radio and on the advertising agency side. This diverse experience has led me to pursue writing as both a passion and a career.

The focus of my writing is efficient and effective communication between those creating information and those receiving it. My goal is for readers to come away with a complete understanding of what I’ve told them and why I’ve taken the time to share the information. I refuse to alienate readers by talking over their heads or bogging them down with technical jargon and catchphrases. My initial intention was to focus solely on health and nutrition writing, but I have found that life is a lot more complex (and fun) than just that genre. I invite you to sample some of my writing to get a feel for my technique and the sound of my voice.

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