Hello World!

I have worn many hats over the past twenty odd years. First, as a single woman with a successful career in radio. Then, as a married mom to a now-grown man. And currently, as a part-time college student, full-time wife, and primary caregiver to aging parents.  Throughout the many incarnations of my life I have found one constant that I not only enjoy, but I am told I am reasonably good at…writing. So here is a collection of the pieces I have written to date. I intend to add more as time goes on and vow to include some of my ideas and thoughts that delve into the way the human body really works, unfiltered by publishers who don’t have the space for the depth that I plan to provide. While I encourage feedback on my style and structure, please keep in mind that the stories, opinions, and facts I present are exactly that…mine. If you don’t like the topics or points of view, please cease reading and go on about your day. If you are interested in an evolving body of work, spanning many topics, and providing a glimpse into a near middle-aged woman’s sometimes frantic mind, then I hope you enjoy reading these pieces as much as I enjoyed writing them.