The Great Supplement Search

When I recommend supplements, many clients ask if they can find them on Amazon. The simple answer is: no, 99% of the supplements I recommend cannot legitimately be purchased on Amazon, Ebay, or at any other website or retail store. And there’s a very good reason for this.

I source the supplements I recommend primarily from Apex Energetics and Klaire Labs. These companies only sell their nutritional supplements through trained healthcare practitioners. This procedure is in place for a few reasons. First, as a clinically trained nutritionist, I need to study your specific health history and reported digestive issues thoroughly. Second, the products I recommend are high quality and contain only the purest pharmaceutical grade nutrients. Finally, the potency of each product is guaranteed by the companies supplying them. These practices are in place to help you attain your health goals and keep you safe from imposters that may actually do you harm.

When you come to me with a digestive ailment or nutrition goal, I look into your health history and discuss your symptoms at great length with you. I do this in order to determine your sensitivities, your contraindications, and the protocols you’ve tried in the past. Based on this information, I then recommend precisely the supplements that can help you. Not to brag, but it took me years of education and experience to arrive at this point. Did you know that I participate in 75-100 hours of continuing education instruction per year? And, that’s just to stay current on all the developments surrounding nutrition science. Don’t rely on a well written product description in an online store to determine the right product for your situation.

Apex Energetics and Klaire Labs both produce high quality supplements that contain only the purest pharmaceutical grade nutrients. When you buy your supplements from me you are not buying something with a questionable origin, added fillers, or differing levels of active ingredients. I know where these supplements come from and the companies providing them stand behind them. If you ever have a negative reaction to something you’ve purchased at Essentials for Health bring it back for a full refund. We stand behind our supplements 100%.

Furthermore, the supplement companies I work with rely on science (not Facebook) to formulate and target their products to support specific aspects of health. These companies then test their products for efficacy by following patient outcomes. They know that these products work and will not market a product without proven efficacy. Therefore, I place my trust in them completely. Can you say that about something you buy online?

I know. I know. You’ve seen both brands available on Amazon. Hold on a second. Apex Energetics and Klaire Labs do not allow their products to be sold on Amazon or any other online marketplace. The products you find there are listed against company policy. Amazon and Ebay are online collectives of individual sellers. This means that any store, or any person, can list items for sale. In fact, Apex Energetics has often found products sold under their name on Amazon that are old, expired, counterfeit, damaged, or marked up to often twice the price charged by sanctioned practitioners, like myself. Amazon or Ebay won’t guarantee the products purchased through their sites. Neither will Apex Energetics. Apex only guarantees their products when they are distributed through sanctioned healthcare providers. And I’ll say it again, when you buy supplements online, there is nobody there to guide you and make sure the supplement in your shopping cart is the right supplement for you.

I offer supplements that are designed to help people who are sick and/or sensitive. These products contain no fillers, are supported by rigorous testing, and have been developed to have a specific physiologic impact. You are being recommended these products to address and support your individual nutrition problem. You wouldn’t buy an antibiotic on Amazon, so don’t buy your supplements there.

I feel so strongly about this topic that I’m willing to make you an offer: From now until the end of November, mention the words “buy local” when ordering your supplements and I’ll knock 10% (up to $25) off the price. Whatever it takes to prove to you that the supplements we offer are the best possible supplements, at the best possible price, to help you achieve your health goals.

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