Upgrade Your Medicine Cabinet

medicine cabinet

We’ve all been there, staring into the medicine cabinet wondering if its contents can solve our problem. In fact, most of us still use some of the same remedies our parents used. Did you know that the majority of these everyday remedies are potent chemical compounds that can have adverse side effects? For example, NSAID’s alone can wreak havoc on your intestinal lining. Luckily, you can makeover your medicine cabinet, so its contents provide the same reliable relief, but without any potentially toxic risks. Here’s a list of effective, natural substitutes for today’s most common over the counter medicines. The next time you’re not feeling well, consider a kinder, gentler, yet effective natural alternative.

Common Remedy Natural Alternative How It Works
Turmero & Resvero
Turmero: the active ingredients are turmeric root (curcuminoids) and black pepper extract, which work together to reduce inflammation, therefore reducing pain. Resvero: made from resverotol, supports your immune system and GI tract. Works with Turmero to decrease inflammation.
Decongestant Allimax Concentrated garlic provides an antibiotic response, killing bacteria in the nasal cavity and stopping any infection in its tracks. You can also use it to treat ear infections in infants, avoiding antibiotics.
Allergy Pills HistoX & Histo Eze
A potent combination of phytochemicals from extracts of butterbur, mangosteen, ginger, quercetin, and stinging nettles combine to create this effective and natural antihistamine.
For Diarrhea Paleo Fiber Fiber works to absorb excess water.
For Constipation Paleo Fiber
Natural Vitality CALM
All three encourage motility, while Aloe and CALM relax the bowl.
For Heartburn Aloe Hands down, the best product I have found to put the “fire” of heartburn out. Aloe is truly the “healer of the gut.”
Digestive Aid Enzymix Pro The combination of Pepsin and HCL with pancreatic enzymes help to digest food and rebalance the gut.
Sleep Aid Insomnitol
Natural Vitality CALM
All work to relax the body and mind naturally, allowing sleep to occur.

As always, make sure any natural supplement you buy comes from a reputable, reliable source. Let me know if you have questions about any of these products and how they can help you.

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